Overpass clears hurdles

by Larry Lemmons
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - The Clock is ticking on the proposed overpass on 3rd and Grand Streets but a great leap has been made Tuesday.

The Amarillo City Commission has approved one of the plans being offered by The Texas Department of Transportation.  It's the plan most favored by Commissioners.

However, Federal Stimulus Funding requires a certain minimum of planning to be done by March 10th to qualify for the funds.

Also, TxDOT sweetened the deal by fixing some of the costs involved in design, inspections, etc.

Madison Scott, Amarillo City Commissioner says he's pleased with the deal. "We were real excited, you know we originally started with like, 29-million dollars, and the city on their 20% part, that was going to be 6-million dollars. We were kind of scared about that. And today it was presented they could do it for 9.07 million and so, brings everything down quite a bit."

The City is also hoping Potter County and the Railroad will chip in some of the cost.

Also, although Chevron will not give away the property adjacent to the proposed overpass, they might take less for it., therefore lowering the cost more.