Amarillo "Band" Makes VMA Finals

By Tina Berasley

Amarillo, Texas - A moon man could soon end up in an Amarillo living room if one band of friends takes home their very own MTV Video Music Award.

NewsChannel10's Tina Berasley spent some time with the band Synopsis, and has their story.

This group of friends from Amarillo spends all their time together like a band, argues like a band and rocks just like a real band, and they could soon be the winners of an MTV Video Music Award.

However, Kris, Thomas and Jenny of Synopsis don't play real instruments together at all.

They play RockBand the video game.

Kris Fredrick said "I go to the RockBand forums a lot just to talk about the game and someone mentioned the contest." His bandmate Jenny Macias added "We were like, 'We could pull off something serious' so we just chose that one because we figured we could do something creative with what he's talking about in the song."

The song, called "The Kill" by 30 Seconds to Mars, sounds and looks dark, but the message behind it is what appealed to them.

Jenny added "He's trying to be somebody else for somebody but then hes like 'No this is killing me on the inside I need to be who I really am so take it or leave it'."

Synopsis didn't have to sing or play one note in the video, but they did spend 2 whole days filming in the sanctuary at Victory Church and in an abandoned room in a downtown studio.

Today, this team made up of a husband and wife and their friend are national finalists.

Thomas Macias said "Over 650 entries and we're in the top 5. I mean that's a pretty good achievement."

I wanted to face a RockBand challenge of my own and try to jam with the best of 'em.

It didn't turn out so well...on the guitar at easy level I scored a 78, and could only play 41 notes before I messed up.

Kris scored a 99, and played an amazing streak of 651 correct notes. On the expert level.

Needless to say I won't be in their next video.

You can help synopsis win by voting online in the Pepsi RockBand challenge.

You can vote up to ten times a day through September 1, 2009 at