Where Do You See Amarillo in 20 Years?

Amarillo, TX - It only happens every twenty years... The City of Amarillo is planning the future, and they're asking for your help. All kinds of suggestions from left and right field were heard at the planning meeting on Monday night.

One man says the future should include more horses, so kids can learn to ride. Another says we need more community centers and yet another says the problems lie with our school system.

It's called the new Amarillo Comprehensive Plan.  Planning Committee Member Beth Duke says, "These sessions are to get the general public to come and tell us what their hopes and dreams are for our city. We don't want to plan in a vacuum. We want to be in the neighborhoods where people live and say what do you need? What do you like? What can we do better?"

About fifty people showed up at Forest Hill Elementary on Monday night to answer those questions.

James Allen says it's all about "eliminating junk, cars, dilapidated homes, cars parked in front yards and not on driveways. They are all things that when businesses come to Amarillo, they're looking at 'is this the city for us?'. Little things like that can influence decision makers."

Arzella Kay says, "Water conservation has to be one of the most important things. If we don't look at it, we don't have our eyes open."

Ruben Rivera is concerned about the lack of sidewalks in our area. "That's a safety concern to me because there's a lot of children in the neighborhood. They walk to school, to and from, and it's kind scary to walk on these streets where there's not a curb."

Those suggestions, along with those from future planning sessions, will go to the committee charged with planning life in Amarillo for the next two decades.

Final decisions will not be made anytime soon though... The entire process of developing a new comprehensive plan takes about 14 months.

If you missed Monday's session, there are three more over the next few weeks.

Wednesday, August 26th
San Jacinto Elementary
3400 W 4th Ave

Tuesday, September 8th
Lawndale Elementary
2215 S. Bivins St.

Wednesday, September 9th
Puckett Elementary
6700 Oakhurst Dr.