Law Enforcement to Drivers: SLOW DOWN

A crackdown of school zone speeders... And it's just in time for the first day of school tomorrow. Officers and deputies will be out in full force for the next few days all over Potter and Randall counties.

It's a day many kids dread and many parents look forward to... The first day of school. With that bell set to ring on Monday morning, law enforcement wants to make sure folks slow down and pay close attention in school zones... Especially in Bushland, where there's a lot of construction going on.

We've seen it time and time again... Folks getting injured in a school zone.

In May of 2009, a 17 year old girl was hit by a car in front of Tascosa High School. A crossing guard was struck by a car near Avondale Elementary in April of 2008.

Amarillo Police Officers say they see the same problems, year after year. Sgt Brent Barbee says, "People speeding, not paying attention, kids running out from behind cars."

So they, along with the Potter County Sheriff's Department, will be patrolling school zones all across our area.

Barbee says, "You've got to pay closer attention. These are the rules in a school zone. That light will be blinking now. You haven't had to pay attention to it all summer, but now you're going to have to slow down and use extra caution."

Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas says their main concern is the construction in Bushland. He says make sure you take your time on the road, but don't take your time leaving your house in the morning.

"Give yourself some extra time. Don't leave at 7:50 thinking you'll get there by 8 because you won't."