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Bachelors Degree in Renewable Energy Could Come to WTAMU

By Jeff Todd,

Canyon,TX - To match a growing industry, West Texas A&M is moving forward with a bachelors degree in renewable energy.

After interest came pouring in from other states, WT is finally looking in to providing additional education as the wind energy boom draws closer.

"Renewable energy is going to be a major player in the future we got to start training these kids to work in these jobs," said Kenneth Starcher, a director with the Alternative Energy Institute at WTAMU.

With several area community colleges taking the lead on training wind technicians, WT is looking higher to offer something different.

"Those people who come out of wind tech school and want to become managers on site developers, the next level up the tier of wind energy operations," said Starcher.

Jobs that are already in high demand for talented educated people, and there are planned to be hundreds of opportunities here in the Panhandle.

So as WT looks to the future, they hope they can keep smart kids here to take good paying jobs.

"And now your ready to work in a job in your area without having to go to Dallas, San Antonio, some of the areas that have been brain drains to our area, pulling our best and brightest to areas with good paying jobs. Now they can stay right here," said Starcher.

The alternative energy institute plans to combine science, engineering, and possibly even the business schools to create this new degree program.

The ball just started rolling on this project at WT.

They hope to introduce new classes next semester, and then unveil even more next fall.

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