Area law enforcement is hoping a new website will help them catch scrap metal thieves.

It's called and it has just launched this week.

Here's how it works. Law enforcement across the nation can report any scrap metal theft and every metal recycling center within a 250 mile radius will automatically be notified.

That way the recyclers know what to be on the lookout for if someone comes in, attempting to sell a large amount of metal.

The gray county sheriff's department signed up yesterday, becoming the first county in Texas to take part.

Although they haven't entered any reports yet, they're hoping it will help tremendously in their efforts to catch scrap metal thieves.

They've had two large thefts in just the past two months.

"The total amount of that wire was nearly $1,000. The second wire theft totaled around $26,000 worth of wire that was taken from an electrical contractor here in Pampa," said Lieutenant Joe Hoard, Gray County Sheriff's Department.

The Web Site is being run by the scrap metal recycling industry.