U.S. Senator Hutchison comes to Amarillo

Tina Berasley

Amarillo, TX - She's calling it her "Texas can do better" campaign...and today U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison brought her vision for Texas governor to Amarillo.

Senator Hutchison has a five pronged plan to reform the governor's office if she's elected in 2010. She wants to reform fiscal policy, education, transportation health care and the state government.

Hutchison says she is concerned about the future of the republican party, and that it could fail if it stays under the same leadership.

At the podium at the American Quarter Horse Museum, she said "One of the big issues in this race is 'What do we want our republican party to be'? And what are the consequences? Our party has been shrinking under the leader ship of Governor Perry...If I am the head of the ticket in 2010 we are going to build the party, welcome people in".

Of the more than 100 supporters who filled the room, NewsChannel10 spoke with one who is wary of Hutchison's plans to reform the party.

Mark Meissenburg said "My personal views are 'How do you bring democrats into the republican party'? I think that's great ,we need the votes, but I don't want to mix liberal values with conservative values. Conservative values need to stand on their own that's how I believe it that's how I was raised, that's how I'm gonna raise my kids...that's why I brought my kids here today, to see that".

NewsChannel10 also spoke with Senator Hutchison about wind energy. She says if she is elected she will continue the work panhandle leaders are doing in the industry, but also wants to further develop what she calls our bread and butter, natural gas and oil.