Local Chiropractor Arrested

An Amarillo doctor is accused of beating and raping his girlfriend -- leaving her needing 78 stitches and a life saving operation.

But his attorney says police didn't have much to go on, and that a reality TV show is behind the arrest.

Police picked-up the doctor here Friday -- within two hours he bonded out of jail, and he was back open for business on Wednesday.

It was on this 14-hundred block of South Lipscomb where the alleged event happened on August ninth.

Court documents say police believe Chiropractor Terry Lynn Fleetwood hit his girlfriend of 17-years over the head with a deadly weapon, knocked her out, and then raped her - twice.

We went to his office for a comment and were refereed to Fleetwood's attorney.

"The charges are preposterous,and doctor fleetwood plans to fight these to the ultimate level," said Jesse Quakenbush, Fleetwood's lawyer.

Quakenbush says the doctor shares the home with the victim and was asleep in the bedroom the whole time.

In fact he thinks the only reason an arrest was even made is because Amarillo Police wanted to put on a good show for the reality TV series Cops filming in town.

Police respond, whenever a judge sees fit to issue a warrant, they are obligated to make an arrest.

We also talked with the father of the victim, who says his daughter is declining all interview requests.