Hog Farm Trims the Fat and Staff

One of the largest employers in the northwestern Panhandle is eliminating a majority of it's work force.

Two years ago over 300 employees worked on the farm and hog operation at Premium Standard Farms.

According to the Dalhart Chamber of Commerce it was actually their largest employer at that time.

We are told yesterday 145 people picked up their final pay check after finding out in June that they would be laid off.

And 117 other people were given a letter which says they will only be employed until October.

"Now they're shutting down the nursery and the finish units. The only people still out there will be the farm people. How many is that? About five because that's who works for farm ops. is about five people," said Albert Carranza, a former employee who has three family members who still work at the farm.

The farms parent company Murphy-Brown says about 20 jobs will remain at the farm for maintenance and crop production.

Over the past few months about 260 people have been laid off.

We're told employees came from many surrounding towns like Texline, Clayton and even as far as Dumas.

But a majority were from Dalhart.

The company says the only reason for these lay offs is the economy.