Should two-a-days be a thing of the past?

Tackling the issue of heat on the high school football field... The National Athletic Trainers Association is recommending all high school coaches change the way they practice.

It's all in an effort to keep players safe, but many coaches in our area say the changes aren't necessary.

Here's a brief rundown of the recommended changes... Restricting two-a-days, changing uniform requirements and recommending players get at least a three hour break in between practices.

No doubt about it... The first few weeks in August are tough for high school football players. Tascosa High Head Coach Kenneth Plunk says, "An hour and half workout from four to five thirty. We're off the field. We don't come back until seven. And that workout usually goes from seven to nine."

That's not quite the three hour break that's being recommended, but Coach Plunk says he's not concerned. "Any of the drills that the kids need water, you let them have water. We feel like what we have is a good way to do it. And it's been successful from the standpoint of keeping kids safe."

Over at Bushland High, they're not making any of the recommended changes either. Bushland's Athletic Trainer Mickey McClain says, "If it's mandated to do something, sure we will. Do I see the need for us to change right now? Not necessarily. I don't live in the Metroplex or Houston. I don't have the heat issues those people have."

So it looks like two-a-days are here to stay, but only if the coaches are sure the players are safe. McClain says, "The safety of the kids is paramount. We can adjust workouts. Shorten them. More breaks, more frequent breaks."

We spoke with several other Panhandle coaches who echo that opinion... They also say they all have devices that monitor the temperature and humidity, and if it reaches a dangerous level, they'll take the players off the field.