Illegal Gambling Crackdown in Potter County

Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley
Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley

Gambling will not be tolerated in Potter County... The County attorney is sending out a strong message, after two gambling rings are broken up.

More than one hundred machines were confiscated and the bulk of those machines coming from inside the Cherokee Mega-Sweepstakes on Interstate 40 near Ross.

The rest of them came from a much smaller, no name, speakeasy type of place on Bivins Road. Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley says both locations were under surveillance for quite some time, but authorities waited until now, when they were absolutely sure illegal activity was going on.

He says it's not just about getting rid of the gambling, but in many cases, the other crimes that go with it. "We've found guns in there, we've found drugs. And in many cases we see organized crime involved."

A new law goes into effect on September first that will allow the county to store only the eight liner computer chips, instead of the entire machine, but Brumley says they will still continue to store the entire machines. "To show this wasn't just one little machine here, when you have sixty machines all in one place it presents a more powerful and compelling case."

If convicted, the gambling ring owners could face up to two years in state jail and a ten thousand dollar fine.