2009 Texas Panhandle Honor Flight

Amarillo, TX

Preparation continues for the 2009 Texas Panhandle Honor Flight to honor those who fought for the United States During World War II.

Jack Barnes, President of America Supports You Texas says, "The warriors, this is a last hoorah for them, and many of them get off the airplane in DC, and there's tears in their eyes. "

The three trip will take place in early October.

Barnes says, "This is an incredible opportunity for us, our organization, and the citizens of this community, to load the airplane, fill every seat, and do our duty."

Filling every seat would mean 120 or more World War II veterans would make the trip this year.

They don't pay a cent.

Over the course of three days, they visit other memorials and monuments,  stay at a hotel in Washington, and eat at well known Capital restaurants.

It's a cost of $1600 dollars a person.

To make it happen, America Supports You Texas relies on donations.

Barnes says, "This is a last thing that we can do for them. It's a final thank you. "

A final thank you, for those who fought in World War II to preserve the freedom we celebrate every Fourth of July.

If you'd like to donate, follow the link to the America Supports You Texas Web Site.