New Law Aims to Protect Your Kids from Sex Offenders

Sex offenders will soon have a harder time talking with your children on the Internet. But, some say this new law might not be the cure-all some state lawmakers say it is.

As of September first, registered sex offenders who are on probation will be severely restricted, when it comes to using the Internet.

The law says sex offenders cannot go online to access obscene material, log onto sites like Facebook and Myspace or have any type of sexual conversation with anyone younger than 17.

We spoke with Terry Easterling, who supervises area sex offenders, and he says keeping track of their every move online will be next to impossible, especially in a world filled with iPhones, blackberrys and Internet cafes.

While it would be easy, he says, to catch an offender who uses their own name as a Facebook login, chances are good they'll instead use a fake name, once again, making this new law hard to enforce.

He says the best way to protect your children is to give offenders polygraphs tests... It already has a proven success rate. They've caught several offenders by simply asking them if they've chatted with kids online.