Hunter's Open House at Lake Meredith

Press Release


Fritch, TX - The National Park Service will hold a hunters' open house on Friday, August 14 at 6:00 p.m. at the Sanford-Fritch Junior High School cafeteria, 536 Eagle Boulevard, Fritch, Texas.  Park rangers from Lake Meredith National Recreation Area and game wardens and biologists from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will be present to answer questions.

Hunting maps and other literature will be available.  Those interested in hunting, wildlife habitat, and conservation are encouraged to attend.

There are a few significant changes to the hunting seasons throughout the panhandle this year, with a split dove season, a much longer white-tailed deer season, and changes to the special youth white-tailed deer seasons to now allow taking of either sex.  Seasons and bag limits have been set by Texas Parks and Wildlife in conjunction with the National Park Service to increase populations of some species while providing more opportunities for hunters by extending the white-tail season.

The gate at Mullinaw Crossing will remain closed through the first week of mule deer season, November 21-28, and will be opened November 29 through the end of white-tailed deer season, January 3, 2010.  The gate may be closed at any time during this period due to circumstances such as severe weather, high water, and threats to public safety.

Hunting and fishing at Lake Meredith are permitted in accordance with applicable federal and state laws.  The National Park Service regulates the proper use of the park, while Texas Parks and Wildlife manages the harvest of fish and wildlife within the park.  No hunting or firearms are allowed within Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument.

As an increased safety measure, all hunters within the boundaries of Lake Meredith are required to wear blaze orange during white-tailed deer season and the special youth white-tailed deer late season.  In addition, during the special youth hunt all accompanying individuals should also wear blaze orange. This will consist of both a hat and a vest with a combined total area equaling 400 square inches and worn conspicuously above the waist.

Migratory bird hunters on the waters of Lake Meredith will be exempt from this requirement.

Listing of the 2009-2010 hunting season at Lake Meredith:

   Mourning Dove:  September 1- October 25 and December 26-January 9

   Quail:  October 25-February 28

   White-tailed Deer:

         Archery Season - October 3- November 6

         General Season - November 7-January 3

         Special Youth Season - October 31-November 1 and January 4-17

   Mule Deer:

         Archery Season - October 3- November 6

         General Season - November 21-December 6

   September Teal Season:  September 12-27

         IMPORTANT NOTICE: At the time of publication, the U.S. Fish and

            Wildlife Service had not issued final dates for teal seasons in

            Texas. The dates for a 16-day season are September 12-27;

            however, there is a possibility that federal action could

            result in a 9-day season. If that is the case, the season would

            begin one week later and run from September 19-27. When the

            final teal season dates are known, the department will make

            every reasonable effort to notify the public.  Interested

            persons can contact the department for final teal season dates

            by calling 800-792-1112 or visiting the TPWD Web site at:



         Archery Season - October 3-November 6

         Spring Turkey - April 3-May 6

         Special Youth Season - March 27-28 and May 22-23

   Pheasant:  December 5-January 3

For more information on the 2009-2010 Texas hunting season, visit:

For more information on hunting at Lake Meredith National Recreation Area,

please contact park headquarters at 806-857-3151.