Italians Travel to Hereford to Visit POW Chapel

It's the only remaining proof of a World War II Prisoner-of-War Camp and Saturday it was rededicated.

Nearly 65 years ago a group of Italian POW's asked the U.S. military if they could build a chapel to honor five soldiers who died at the camp.

Today, after a full restoration dignitaries from Italy, members of the U.S. military, and the sole remaining POW had time to reflect on the meaning of this memorial.

"It's very emotional to see it. But it's extremely serene and he's very pleased to see all the people. Especially the local people welcoming them back," said Dr. Vincenzo Centofanti through an interpreter. At 91, he's the only POW who is still alive.

"This is a moment to share friendship. So we share history, culture and we share friendship. And as a representative of an Italian living abroad, we hope this friendship will continue," said Vincenzo Arcobelli, an Italian spokesman.

A representative from the Italian government said he was deeply touched by Saturday's ceremony.

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