2 Amarillo High Schools Tackle "Unacceptable" Rating

Christina Ritter
Christina Ritter
Dr. Lynn Pulliam
Dr. Lynn Pulliam

Two area high schools. Caprock and Tascosa, are apparently struggling to keep students in school.

But Caprock High School, one of the schools deemed unacceptable by the state, is appealing that rating because the principal says the data does not add up.

Christina Ritter says, "when we received the unacceptable rating, it was a complete shock to me. Because that's not what we thought our rating would be."

Ritter says students the state thought did not graduate actually did graduate, but a mix up with how data is entered to the state is the reason for the bad rating.  She also says they missed the mark by one student.  She is appealing the rating on behalf of three students.

But at Tascosa High, not enough economically disadvantaged students graduated.

So, students who are falling behind in class and credits will be able to recover them in a special lab.

Tascosa principal Dr. Lynn Pulliam says, "we have a computer lab and we use software that is self paced and the student works through the course to recover the credit for the class."

Pulliam also says school officials will keep a close eye on students whose attendance starts to dwindle, and try to get them back into school.

This was the first time for both schools to be rated unacceptable because of completion rates.