Guymon, Texas County residents can text emergencies to 911

Guymon Police Chief Eddie Adamson
Guymon Police Chief Eddie Adamson

By Sarah Seeley
NewsChannel 10

Guymon, Oklahoma - Residents in Guymon and Texas County who are not able to talk on the phone can now text or email police dispatchers in case of an emergency.

The Guymon-Texas County police dispatch center can now receive texts and emails in real time without having to speak to the person in need.

"This is a way to give us information in a worst case scenario," said Guymon Police Chief Eddie Adamson.  "If a person's hiding under a table, if we have a bank alarm go off, or a convenience store robbery alarm goes off and they've locked themselves in a room and are being as quiet as possible, they can alert us to the emergencies without putting themselves in danger."

Dispatchers can send responses to texts and emails, but only if the situation allows.

Residents in Guymon and Texas County can text or email any emergency to

The emergency will send a direct alert to computers inside the dispatch center.

"Our dispatchers are in the room all the time so we just added it to [their computers] and ran it through our email server directly to a 911 dispatcher," said Adamson.  "They get it just as quick as a text can be sent."

Any phone with texting or email capabilities can use this system, but standard text messaging and data use do apply.

Chief Adamson asks anyone living in Texas County to put this address, in their phones and computer contacts to ensure they can recall this information in case of an emergency.