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Why So Many Sex Offenders?

The region's top home for registered sex offenders is Deaf Smith County and many wonder why.

One out of every two hundred forty-four people in the county is a registered sex offender. That's more than three-and-a-half times the average.

The counties top prosecutor sees every case first hand. He says, you can't always trust numbers.

"It looks so bad that we have all these sex offenders in deaf smith county. but i can tell you that a very very large percent of those are consensual sex cases between an older man and younger woman," District Attorney Jay English said.

He is talking about statutory rape cases. That's where an older partner has sex with a minor more than three years younger. Legally it's a crime even if both are willing.

"I think some people feel like it's unfair to prosecute them. so there may be victims or offices that don't prosecute them because of that reason. but i just feel like my job is to uphold the law," English said. "We gotta be careful about looking at numbers and drawing some conclusion that we got a problem here and we don't have a problem there."

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