7-Year Warranty

When you build a home as well as we do, and use brand-name materials, appliances and fixtures, then you offer a warranty that lasts 7 years and covers most parts of your home.

No surprises. No big repair bills.
More than 40 components of your home are protected for seven years by Oak Creek Home Guard. Service is quick, complete and virtually hassle-free.

Backed by an industry expert.
100% of all covered repairs are insured for payment by an A.M. Best A+ rated insurance company with over 35 years of industry experience. You can always be sure your home is protected by Oak Creek Home Guard. Oak Creek is proud to provide Oak Creek Home Guard on every new home sold by a participating Oak Creek Home Center. Just ask for complete details when you visit an Oak Creek Home Center. It is just another way you know you are receiving the best quality home when you choose Oak Creek.

Click here to view a list of everything covered by our 7-Year Warranty.