Amarillo church hosts Destiny Jam; hopes to relocate to old St. Anthony's hospital building

Pastor Terry McAffrey
Pastor Terry McAffrey

By Sarah Seeley

Amarillo, Texas - Families in north Amarillo gathered for a free event Friday afternoon and evening.

Amarillo's Spiritual Amnesty Church is hoping to own this property soon and continue to have events like this for the residents nearby.

The small Amarillo church is making a big impact on the north Amarillo community.

Thousands are taking advantage of free food, haircuts, and clothes.

"We don't usually have things where they're giving away free [items]," said Phadera Jackson, a nearby resident.  "We're always having to fill out paperwork and go through lines, so this is very very good."

Church members hope to soon relocate to this large property off Amarillo Boulevard.

"Hopefully one day we are going to own [it]," Pastor Terry McAffrey.  "We are in the process of trying to buy it. When we buy it, we're going to make it 500,000 square feet of nothing but ministry to those that need a hand up."

McAffrey has worked with child protective services and hopes to focus one of those ministries on amarillo's homeless teens.

Church members say it's important residents in this part of town know there are people looking out for them.

Pastor McAffrey says he hopes they will be able to close on the property soon because he says the building will need a lot of work.