Woman Stabbed To Death At Home In Hereford

David Wagner, Hereford Chief of Police
David Wagner, Hereford Chief of Police

Many questions linger for both police and neighbors of an elderly woman stabbed to death in her own home early Thursday morning.

They say someone broke into 73 year old Lucinda Guajardo's home after two and stabbed her in the chest, killing her...and sending shockwaves through the town.

Countless people have been driving up and down the normally quiet Greenwood street in Hereford, struggling to understand what happened behind the yellow police tape.

Tabitha Gruver was shocked when her husband told her this morning her neighbor who lived across the street, 73 year old Lucinda Guajardo, was stabbed to death in her home.

Gruver says, "this doesn't happen on this side of town and it doesn't happen in Hereford. I was born and raised here and can probably count on both hands how many times this has happened."

Three times, to be exact, is how many this has happened in the last eight years in Hereford.  The city had two last year, and had gone seven years without one before that.

In this latest murder, police say Guajardo called them around 2:30 Thursday morning, saying she had been stabbed.

When they arrived at her home at 245 Greenwood, she was taken to the hospital but died from that single stab wound to her chest.

Police believe this was no random home invasion, rather Guajardo was targeted, but for what, they are still not sure.

Chief of Police David Wagner says "we're still printing and doing our investigation inside the house and detectives elsewhere."

That brings some comfort to those who live here, still reeling from something like this happening mere feet away.

Gruver says, "the kids all play together, you can stand outside and talk to this neighbor or that neighbor. We're all friendly and look out for each other and watch each others houses when we're out of town. It's a nice neighborhood."

Neighbors say Guajardo had only lived in her home for about six months and often had her grandchildren visit.

Chief Wagner says they are questioning people but have arrested no one.