Meet Your Builder & Construction Process

Most buyers understand that buying a quality home is important, but many times they don't consider the site construction aspect of the project.

The importance of having an experienced Construction Manager overseeing all aspects of the construction project is crucial.

Mike Johnson, General Manager of Oak Creek Home Center in Amarillo, has 24 years of home-building experience.

He believes in a very structured, well-communicated, Ten-Step Turn-Key Construction approach.

After you have chosen your new home and decide on which options you want, the construction process begins!

Ten-Step Construction Process
Step One:
Complete all paperwork required by mortgage lender.
Step Two: Obtain land survey and appraisal.
Step Three: Have a site meeting and go over thorough checklist.
Step Four:  Have a Pre-construction meeting, go through a complete checklist and review entire scope of work.
Step Five: Close the loan with the mortgage lender or cash buyers complete paperwork.
Step Six: Order home or prepare stock unit for transport.
Step Seven: Prepare land and pour foundation.
Step Eight: Oversee delivery and set of home. See that utilities are connected.
Step Nine: Oversee the interior finish-out of the home. Oversee decks and skirting being installed if applicable. Oversee installation of air conditioning.
Step Ten: The final walk-through will be done with the client using a detailed checklist.

Turn over keys to satisfied homeowners!

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