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New obstacles to T-Anchor Lake

by Larry Lemmons

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas,  The Amarillo City Commission gave a historical presentation for the public on the history of the site known as T-Anchor Lake.  In 1961 it was 136 acres if storm drainage.

They say it would cost more than $11-million dollars to build the park as depicted in a 2006 model.

The city surprised many by announcing late in the presentation that back in 1982 a skeleton carbon-dated to more than 2680 years ago was found and only recently remembered.

The City is currently trying to communicate with the state archeological office to determine if any further development is possible considering potential limitations.

Public response about the city's intention to deal with the site was mixed.  Rudy Mendez, who lives in the area says the lake site is dangerous. "Where the water runs, they haven't maintained for years. So now you've got about a 30 foot drop, straight drop down. It's like cliffs.

Potter County Commissioner Manny Perez says the Commission should do for the eastside what it does for the west. "How come they can't do the things they do for John Stiff park, they can do on the Eastside for the lake?"

Ruben Rivera, who's been fighting to have a park built there says, "It might cost money but all things cost money. We just can't let things fall flat."

Amarillo City Commissioner Ron Boyd says "Gotta worry about the flood plain. We gotta worry about not flooding people out of that area."

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