UPDATE: Amarillo Airport Severely Past Due on Elevator Inspections

by Jeff Todd
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo - Update: The City of Amarillo says they have shipped the necessary paperwork and fees to the state of Texas in order to straighten out the licensing issues. The state says it may be about 10 days before the paperwork is processed.

Also, the city says it's looking into an administrative error that may have lead to the forms never being handed in over the past 20 months.

Tuesday's story and original investigation can be read below:

Elevators and escalators at the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport are almost three years behind necessary certifications.

Over the past few days we've been investigating through pages and pages of state documents.

And we've found that the last inspection for escalators and elevators here at the airport was done in November of 2007.

The state legislature requires buildings to have those inspected every 12 months.

We spoke with the the chief elevator inspector for the state of Texas, and he says he's concerned for the public's safety.

"There are multiple safety features and functions on that piece of equipment that needs to be tested periodically and inspected to make sure it's working. Just like that airplane you get on out there at that airport," said Lawrence Taylor, the Texas Chief Elevator Inspector.

Taylor was actually able to add something that our records search couldn't.

The last inspection was in November of 2007, but the airport manager never paid the late fees for that inspection, so these people movers haven't been officially certified since 2006.

As of now, NewsChannel 10 has not officially heard back from the airport staff after repeated requests for comments.