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Boy Reunites with Heroes Who Saved His Life

by Jeff Todd
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX- On his way to watch fireworks with his family earlier this month, Joshua Weatherly essentially died in a drunk driving accident.

He was brought back to life by two quick acting Amarillo Police Officers, and today they were reunited.

Within seconds officers were on scene near John Stiff Park. Then someone yelled out that a little boy was in the back seat of one of the cars not breathing.

His mom, who was in the passenger seat, says she remembers looking back and seeing his blue lips.

"I saw that the sun roof was open, so I jumped on top of the car and Detective Wallace handed me the boy. Then we just acted." said Officer Michael Williams with the APD Motorcycle Division.

Joshua remembers it a little differently, and maybe not as accurately.

"I flew out of the car and they performed PCR on me," said the boy.

The officers actually performed CPR.

Joshua's mother was told at the hospital he would be in a coma for a week as he recovered from broken legs and a fractured skull.

He was there only six days, and has now recovered enough where he can climb stairs.

He starts kindergarden next month.

Something the officers we spoke with said they didn't think would happen.

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