Three overpass options on table

by Larry Lemmons
NewsChannel 10

Three different overpass options are being considered for the 3rd St. and Grand St. intersection.

A value engineering study determined rather than moving the BNSF railroad tracks, an overpass on that intersections was the most economical and efficient way to proceed.  That original option, presented to the Amarillo City Commission is option one.  It will cost $11-million.  It will create an overpass and make Grand Street a southbound frontage road.

Option two will only cost $6-million but may create traffic issues around the tri-state fairgrounds.

Option three costs $10-million but would alleviate the traffic issues in option two.

Gary Holwick, the Director Planner of the Amarillo Metropolitan Planning Organization says,        " We'd really like to see some consensus on one of these design alternatives, something that would resolve the problem and make the public give us public support for that project."

The city has raised only $7.5 million so far for this project, $4.5 million from TX-DOT underruns and $3-million of stimulus funds.

Clearly they have the money for one of the options, but it remains to be seen if that option is preferred.