Tascosa Road and The Loop: Is it Safe?

Five people are killed in just two years... All at the same Amarillo area intersection, and now, concerns over it's safety are being raised.

We're talking about the stretch of roadway just south of the Tascosa Road/the Loop intersection.

We've had several viewers contact us with concerns about the safety on this stretch of roadway.

One of their biggest concerns is that the road is not wide enough and that there really isn't any shoulder to speak of. We took their concerns to TxDOT, and officials tell us they are working on adding minor roadway improvements, but in many cases it all comes down to drivers using caution.

Paul Braun says, "Paying attention to your driving. Not crossing the center lane. Not speeding. Not overdriving the conditions. There's nothing we can do at TxDOT to protect people from themselves and their own mistakes."

Braun says they are looking into putting rumble strips along the double yellow line to alert you if you drift into the other lane.