TEXAS Having Very Strong Season

They invite you all to come, and your responses have made this season of TEXAS the best in recent years.

The outdoor drama performed in Palo Duro Canyon boasts a cast of musical theater professionals plucked from auditions held around the country.

The show's executive director says that is evident as the month of June's attendance was up 16 percent over last year.

Bill Anderson says "this is definitely one of the strongest seasons. This is our 4th year of bringing TEXAS back after it was gone for three years and every year we have grown the show over the previous season."

Anderson says the lower cost of gas this year compared with last year helps get more people out to the canyon.

If you have tickets to see the show, you can get into Palo Duro Canyon free of charge on any show day after two in the afternoon.

Summer Celebration 2009
Summer Celebration 2009