Exclusive Tour Of Panhandle Plains Historical Museum

Jeff Indeck, Chief Curator of the Archeology Department
Jeff Indeck, Chief Curator of the Archeology Department

Beyond the exhibits open to the public, down the stairs into the basement are countless artifacts and fossils unseen by the public...until now.

NewsChannel 10 was granted an exclusive tour through the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum.

There are bones of animals like mastadons, mammoths, and giant turtles which roamed the Panhandle region millions of years ago.  There is also a two headed calf.

And there is a Comanche artifact acquired by the museum by the Comanche nation...

An ancient battle shield and cover used on the high plains.

Jeff Indeck, Chief Curator of the Archeology department "because of the economic climate and the problems people are having with money, it came on the market and after working with the comanche nation, we brought it tot his institution."

In fact, Indeck says the comanche nation specifically want the museum to take care of the artifact since it has taken such good care of other artifacts in the past.

And if you want to research how the XIT Ranch went from the biggest ranch in the country to what it is today, the records are at the museum waiting to be seen.

In the 1800s, Texas needed a new Capitol building.

A Chicago company agreed to finance the project in exchange for three million acres in the Texas Panhandle, known as the XIT Ranch.

Little by little, that Chicago company sold off pieces of the land to ranchers, and the records of those sales are at the museum.

If you are a researcher, you can peruse records of land and cattle sales as well as weather and range condition reports.

Summer Celebration 2009
Summer Celebration 2009