Canyon Students To Mold High School Course

Kim Beth Buchanan, Canyon ISD
Kim Beth Buchanan, Canyon ISD

High school students right here in Canyon are helping shape a math class that will be offered in school districts around the state.

Canyon ISD is among just a few districts chosen by the state to offer this class - called Advanced Mathematical Decision Making - to high school seniors.  And these seniors will have a lot to do with how the class is molded.

Call it learning from past mistakes.  Canyon ISD's Kim Beth Buchanan says "we can definitely tell from the economic situation our country is in that we need to do more intensive work with our younger generation on how to handle money, calculate interest, how to make good financial decisions based on mathematical knowledge."

And that is what Buchanan says this class, offered to seniors for the first time this year, does.

But the students will not just learn how to better handle their money after high school, they will play a big role in how the course is taught to other Texas students.

Buchanan says "we're part of a pilot program across the state. Only a select few were chosen to participate and the teachers at both schools will participate in training and analyzing data and looking at results throughout the year."

Another plus: better preparation for college algebra, which many Texas college students struggle with right off the bat.

Advanced Mathematical Decision Making can be used as a fourth year of math, which is now required by state law.

Buchanan says they just learned recently the district can offer this class, and already students are showing a lot of interest and signing up.

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