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Dalhart's Rita Blanca Lake Park Boasts New Improvements

You may not know it, but 1800 acres is at your disposal in Dalhart at the Rita Blanca Lake Park.

The park has changed hands several times, from the federal government, to the state, and now to the City of Dalhart.  And it is open to everyone in the Panhandle.

Several years ago, Texas Parks and Wildlife needed to get several parks off its hands.

City Manager Greg Duggan says, "we found out about that and were able to claim about $400,000 to take it back. So it worked out very well for the community and we were able to make these improvements with that money."

Improvements like more than four miles of hiking trails with crushed limestone, so the trails can weather any condition.

Also, Duggan says "there are hundreds of thousands of geese that come in each winter which offers a great hunting opportunity for citizens of Texas and the United States for that matter."

Take a walk around and you will find a state of the art playground and pavilion, where you can host private parties.  The park also has a lake stocked every year with trout for fishing.

All the park has to offer has become a joint venture.  Dallam County Judge David Field says "we have a lake advisory board made up of the city and two counties and we basically make recommendations to the city council on what we think, improvements to be made, that kind of thing."

They hope to develop four more miles of trails in the park.

Duggan says people go to Palo Duro Canyon to get away sometimes, but he hopes they see they do not have to travel too far to get lost in nature.

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