Dalhart's La Rita Theatre And It's 1920s Vibe

An historic theater that will bring out your inner-flapper sits in Dalhart.

When you walk into downtown's La Rita Theatre lobby, you feel like you are stepping into the 1920s with a salmon and pink color scheme that would almost make you think The Great Gatsby is right around the corner.

After it closed at the end of world war two, 40 plus years of wear and decay took its toll.  It was eventually resurrected and remodeled bit by bit, starting in the late 1980s.

Marilyn Like, one of the theater's directors, says "we did our bathrooms first, because we wanted everyone to see the bathrooms and then they could imagine what the rest of the theater might look like."

Now it looks like it did when it first opened in the 20s, complete with the seats the original theater had.

All the remodeling was done through the hard work and determination of volunteers and private donations.

It hosts a range of acts, mostly with a complete local cast.

From hay bales to authentic theater seats, show goers in Dalhart have sat on a range of things to watch local residents perform in downtown's historic La Rita Theatre.

Built in the 1920s, the La Rita hosts a range of acts, mostly with a full cast of locals.

The theater was torn down after world war two, and later bought by a group of theater lovers in the late 80s.

Marilyn Like, one of the theater's directors, says, "we hauled off 37 truck loads of trash that had accumulated over the years and we did all of our remodeling by volunteer and donation, except for the electricity and the water."

Over the course of the remodeling, like says people had to sit on hay bales at times, and later plastic chairs, until they were able to get the original 1920s seats back in the theater.

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