Dalhart Real Estate Market Thriving

Cyndi Ward, Top of Texas Realty
Cyndi Ward, Top of Texas Realty

Outside real estate market troubles have not hit Dalhart's market as hard as other areas, but there is a need here for a certain type of property.

Realtors here say the market has slowed just a bit, but home construction and sales are still going strong.

Take a drive through Dalhart and no doubt you will see loads of lumber and hear the sound of hammering at new home sites.

Cyndi Ward, broker with Top of Texas Realty says, "Dalhart, in our opinion, hasn't experienced any of that recession and inflation that they're talking about in the housing market."

That is evident in Seminole Trail, for example, where lots are ready to be sold.  Ward says "it's located just west of our new high school. We're very proud of our new high school and it's within walking distance to the junior high."

Although Dalhart's housing market is strong, there is still a void - rental properties. For example, the newest apartment complex, 17 unit complex, was full in just three weeks."

Ward says, "in the last five-six years we're probably run a tight race trying to keep people in rentals. Not everybody's ready to buy."

Realtor Ann-Claire Gustin says, "we probably get 3-5 calls a day here at the office, people looking for a place to rent. Right now they're in high demand."

Gustin says the Hilmar cheese plant is even renting out apartments for some of its employees.

Both Ward and Gustin say they hope to see more rental properties pop up in the area soon.

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