Perryton: A City on the Move... Literally

Claudia Bolerjack, eye-witnessed much of Perryton's rich history
Claudia Bolerjack, eye-witnessed much of Perryton's rich history

Perryton turns 90-years-old in August. They'll be holding an extravagant birthday celebration including a parade right down the middle of main street.

Perryton wasn't always located where it stands now... It was about ten miles south of there until 1919, when the railroad came through and forced the town to move here, earning it the nickname, "city on the move."

97-year-old Claudia Bolerjack eye-witnessed much of Perryton's rich history.. She's lived there since 1922. "I've just always stayed. It's always been home."

It's now home to close to eight thousand people, which is a far cry from it's humble beginnings nearly a century ago. Dixie Hargues with the Museum on the Plains says, "About 250 people from Gray and 250 from Ochiltree."

People who didn't just move themselves, but the town as well... They pulled homes, stores and offices on tractors to settle in what's now known as Perryton.

Ever since those early days, Perryton has been constantly changing.

Ron Brown, who is also with the Museum of the Plains says, "We have been known as the wheat heart of the nation. Back in 47 and 48 we grew more wheat than anybody in the country did. We no longer have the railroad here. Right now we're getting our McDonald's restaurant remodeled."

But there's one thing that's always stayed the same. Hargues and Brown both agree. "If something happens to somebody, their neighbors are there to help them." "Perryton has got a group of wonderful people."

People that Joe LaMaster says have kept his family business open for 100 years... It was one of the businesses that moved with the city in 1919.

Over the last century, his family has seen its fair share of other businesses move to Perryton, but there's one business he, and many other residents, are proud to say you won't find here. "We enjoy the fact, needless to say, that we don't have a Walmart."

It's that small town appeal that attracts people from all over... Not only is Perryton a city on the move, but it's a city on the rise as well... With the Watonga Cheese pPnt coming to the area, the population is expected to grow.

Summer Celebration 2009
Summer Celebration 2009