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Looking for a Good Burger? Head to Friona, Texas

Britny Pope Britny Pope
Greg Lewelenn, Chamber of Commerce Vice President Greg Lewelenn, Chamber of Commerce Vice President

Friona is the Cheeseburger Capital of Texas. 

Governor Rick Perry made it official back in 2005, and it's only Friona's claim to fame, but it represents everything that keeps Friona alive.

Whether you're the adventurous type whose up for a burger topped with jalepenos, or you like to eat it Jimmy Buffet style.. Complete with Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes, the Friona Cheeseburger Festival has something for everyone.

The first one was held back in July of 2005, and there's been one every year since... Town leaders say they had no choice... People in the Texas Panhandle were hungry for more.

Britny Pope's team makes the best cheeseburger in Texas. "We worked really hard at our hamburgers and preparing them. Feels really good to win first place." So, just what's behind their award winning concoction? "Jalepenos and barbecue sauce. We do have a special sauce, but oh and we have a special sauce that we can't share because we may use it again."

Okay, so some things have to be kept under wraps, but it's no secret that the cheeseburger festival is Friona's pride and joy.

Chamber of Commerce Vice President Greg Lewelenn says, it's "a festival that encompassed the entire realm of our economic growth."

Lets start with the burger itself... Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Chris Alexander says, "We have Cargill Meat Solutions. They process about two million head of cattle a year."

Now onto the bun... "They planted about 148 thousand acres of wheat this year in Parmer County." And then, of course, there's the cheese. "We have 13 dairies in Parmer County. Parmer County is number two in the state for milk production."

Put it all together and you'll get something that put Friona, Texas on the map. Alexander says, "If somebody says Cheeseburger Capital of Texas they start looking where Friona is."

16 teams entered this year's competition. Only twenty teams are allowed to enter the cook-off because organizers think the judges won't be able to eat any more than twenty bites of burgers.

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