Circuit City Website: Read the Fine Print

By Kristen Guilfoos


The Amarillo building may sit vacant, but electronics giant Circuit City is making a comeback. You can now shop online at, but there are some things you'll want to know before placing an order.

When you first log onto, it's easy to think the store is back in business. The web page looks almost identical to the one up and running several month ago. But this time, there's one big difference... It's not being operated by Circuit City.

You'll still see that same big red circle logo, and you'll still see the same Circuit City name... A company called Systemax bought the rights to both of them.

It's the same company that purchased CompUSA's online market when it went out of business several years ago.

So, while the products all look the same, and you might be able to find some phenomenal deals, be cautious... It's not the Circuit City you used to know.

In fact, it has no connection with that circuit city whatsoever. You'll find the biggest difference on the returns section of the web page.

This new site has a very strict policy on returned items... Make sure you pack them carefully... One piece of missing packing material and your return could be denied.

Next... It's going to be a little harder to return some of those big-name items... There are several of them that you cannot return - you'll have to deal directly with the manufacturers.

We compared this policy to several other large online retailers, such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart, and couldn't find anything resembling's policies on name brand items.

But don't try and use that as an excuse if you have trouble returning something... When you make a return, you must agree to stay out of all class action lawsuits.

You also agree that if you want to sue them, you'll have to do it in small claims court in Miami, Florida.

Just so you know, Systemax purchased customer lists from the old Circuit City, so you might start receiving emails if your a former customer.