Local homeless shelter to celebrate 21 years; needs help for more

By Sarah Seeley

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - One local shelter for area homeless men needs the public's help to stay in operation.

Sunday the 55 men living in Another Chance House properties will give the public the opportunity to see why they want the organization to keep helping homeless men in the community.

Gilbert Norton wanted to clean himself up with strict rules and guidance when he found himself on the streets after being in a month-long program required by his probation.

"After William House, I wanted to be more structured... and so they told me about Another Chance," said Norton.  "So then I came here and I went and put myself in the lion's den."

After six months at Another Chance House, Norton has held a steady job and mended his rocky relationship with his two kids.

As the program that helps men who've had bad home lives and made bad decisions celebrates it's 21st anniversary Sunday, members say it wont be able to continue without help from the community.

"We have to turn away people left and right week after week because we cannot facilitate them," said Bobby Nixon, Resident Manager.

Nixon says many think all homeless men are the beggars seen on the side of the street asking for money for drugs or alcohol.

He says that's not what Another Chance House is about.

"These men who live here have decided to make a conscious change in their life and I want the public to see that," said Nixon.

The 21st anniversary open house of Another Chance House is Sunday 1pm-4pm at 209 South Jackson Street.