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City Of Amarillo, AISD Still Waiting On Stimulus Money

Donna Makkhavane, City of Amarillo Donna Makkhavane, City of Amarillo
Holly Shelton, Amarillo ISD Holly Shelton, Amarillo ISD

Both the City of Amarillo and the Amarillo Independent School District are asking for millions in federal stimulus money, but asking and getting are two very different things.

First, the city: millions of dollars for water, transit, and community development have been applied for from the feds.  But City Spokesperson Donna Makkhavane says "we actually have no stimulus money on hand."

However, several hundred thousand has been fight homelessness, for example, and may be here soon.

Same with the school district.

The feds are giving Amarillo ISD $14 million, but there is a catch.  District Spokesperson Holly Shelton says, "it's money that we have to spend and then ask to be reimbursed for that will go to special education programs in aisd and our title one schools."

Title 1 schools are low-income schools.  There are 35 of them out of 53 in the district.

Raises for teachers are also in limbo right now because the Texas Education Agency has to ask permission for AISD to use millions in stimulus dollars for teacher raises.  Shelton says, "if the federal government decides it is ok to use that money for teacher raises, then $10 million will flow into AISD."

The application for the money is being looked over right now in Washington, D.C.

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