First Cash for Clunkers, Now Rebates for Refrigerators

David Reinbold
David Reinbold

First it was cash for clunkers, and now it's rebates for refrigerators.

The program is being nicknamed Rebates for Refrigerators, but in reality, it will work for everything from washers and dryers, to dishwashers to heating and cooling.

David Reinbold has been selling appliances in Amarillo for more than 25 years. "Back in the mid 80s I remember it was a big deal when the energy guides got down to below 100 dollars." What a difference a few decades can make... Check out the energy star ratings now.

We found one refrigerator with a rating of 45, meaning it will cost you just $45 a year to run.

If you buy a refrigerator like that one, and trade in your old one that's not energy efficient, you'll receive a rebate... Paid for by the $23 million the federal government is giving to Texas.

Not only will you get a rebate, you'll also be saving money by making the switch to Energy Star. Reinbold says, "It can cost, in a standard model here, it's $39 a year. In one of the new energy star models that have the new deep tubs that hold more dishes, it's $33 dollars."

If you're thinking about taking the government up on its offer, don't be discouraged by the energy star price tags.

The Energy Star appliance might cost a little more upfront, but it will most likely pay for itself within five years.

Texas does not have to turn in it's official plan until August 15th, so we do not know exactly how much the rebate will be on those appliances. Furnaces, boilers and water heaters will also be eligible for the savings rebate.