Home Invasion Robberies Rise in Amarillo

Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas
Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas

by Jeff Todd
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo - Two times in less than a week, local homeowners have faced violent criminals inside their homes.

Home invasion robberies are rare. The Amarillo Police Department says they have one every couple of months.

But now there have been two around Amarillo in just four days.

Late Monday night an elderly couple was held hostage by thieves as they collected jewelry and thousands of dollars worth of cash.

After three men had jumped the homeowner while he was giving directions to a young woman.

"The gentlemen, not something we would recommend, walked outside to point the direction and as he did the other three guys came around the corner of the house," said Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas.

NewsChannel 10 has learned the suspects knew the location of a safe inside the home.

"It may be someone who knew them or some how knew them. We're looking into that," said Sheriff Thomas.

The last violent home invasion was Thursday night.

The victim is still in the hospital from a gun shot wound and the APD says his condition is not improving.

So they have some tips for you to stay safe.

"Just some general safety things look outside do we know who it is, ask them who it is, if you don't recognize them tell them to go away," said Cpl. Jerry Neufeld with the APD Crime Prevention Unit.

"If you don't know whose knocking at your door at 12:30 at night. don't open the door. Talk to them through the door. Call the police, call the sheriff's department. We'll come out there and check it out," said Sheriff Thomas.

Both departments say the number one way to protect yourself, is to not let anyone you don't trust, know about valuables inside your house.