Ammunition prices rise; some say price gouging

By Sarah Seeley
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Some local gun owners say recent shortages of ammunition have some dealers price gouging certain types of bullets.

Gun owners all across the country are having to deal with higher priced ammunition.

But some bullet prices in particular are sky high.

There is a void today on a local gun store shelf where 380 AC bullets usually sit.

It's one of the bullets in highest demand right now.

"Certain ammo's have been hard to get, and 380s in particular has been extremely hard to get and it seems like when it does come in or somebody gets a hold of it, one person goes in and buys the first shipment that they can," said Burnie Stokes, Panhandle Gunslingers owner.

Stokes says he has customers come in just about every day looking for the ammunition.

One private gun seller we spoke with at the Amarillo gun show today says when you do find the bullets, sometimes the price is four times the market value.

He asked not to be identified.

"Some of it I've paid $80 a box to get and I've got it priced at $60 and they think that I'm trying to gouge them," said the gun seller.

Stokes says prices like that are unnecessary and unfair for consumers.

"I can understand some of these businesses coming up on their prices to some degree, but I can't see tripling and quadrupling their prices on ammunition," said Stokes.  "I just can't see it."

He says right now market value for the 380 AC is between $17 and $20 a box.

Stokes says consumers need to be aware of what the market value of the bullets they want to avoid being ripped off.