Blue Cross Blue Shield call center no more

Amarillo, Texas

By Sarah Seeley

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Blue Cross Blue Shield cuts loose a large portion of its Amarillo workforce.

Healthcare Service Corporation is the parent company to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.

They recently decide the Amarillo full service unit would be better off used for two of their other subsidiary companies: TMG Health and Dental Network of America.

"The reasons for these changes is to enable HCSC to effectively support these two subsidiaries that are growing," said Margaret Jarvis of Blue Cross Blue Shield.  "Business growth is our goal and to strengthen our plans for the future."

All 150 employees at the call center were told just yesterday that some of them will be able to apply at the two new companies and given preferential treatment.

Others were only offered severance packages and work through October 1st, when TMG Health will begin full operations.

Many employees tell us this was a complete surprise.

We spoke with one who asked us not to reveal her identity.

"Most of us thought that it was bonuses or promotions or something of that nature," said the employee.   "[instead] they decided tell us at that point that most of us were just losing our jobs."

Officials from Blue Cross Blue Shield say that is not the case.

"A majority of those current employees, about 130 are being offered positions by TMG and will begin training in August," said Jarvis.  "The remaining 17-20 employees are likely to be offered jobs with the Dental Network [of America]."

"We asked them 'can we interview for them' [then] 'can we get with the other and re-audition for the job' and they told us no," said the employee.

Blue Cross Blue Shield says yesterday 43 employees were offered severance packages instead of employment.

TMG Health officials tell us they are in town now interviewing the employees to see how many they will keep.

They were unavailable for comment today.