Economic Boom Blowing into Dumas

Dumas is the new home to one of the most important factors in the wind industry.

A company that specializes in Anemometry, pronounced Anna- momma- tree.

That's a really big word that means the study of wind.

Something that doesn't take much on many days in the Panhandle.

It's also the name of a new company coming to Dumas.

Anemometry Specialists Incorporated opened the branch office today.

The company sets up met towers, studies the wind in a certain location, then hands over the data to wind farm developers.

Many experts say it's an important first step as the panhandle readies for a wind energy boom and the new jobs associated with it.

"We're projecting up to 16 positions out of Dumas. And in about five years we're looking into even more services beyond met towers," said Rob Hach, the President of Anemometry Specialists Inc.

The company pinpointed Dumas, as an epicenter for a majority of it's business.

And they plan on tapping into Amarillo College's Wind Technician program to allow them to expand the company even more.