Schools Can Count Failing Students As Passing

Failing apparently equals passing when using a new formula that factors into school ratings.  The Texas Projection Measure was just approved and is being used for the first time this year.  It lets a school count a student who failed the TAKS test as a passing student...and in turn allows that school to claim higher marks.

The measure looks at a student's taks scores for this year in reading and math, and factors in his school's average score.  If that formula predicts the student will pass next year, "if they did fail the test, they would automatically count as passing for accountability reasons," says Robyn Cranmer, Coordinator of Support Services for Canyon I.S.D.

That district does not want to release the names of the schools, but Cranmer says four to six of them will get to claim higher marks because of this measure.

Cranmer says, "even if we haven't hit a certain level, it still gives us credit for making growth in those areas."

The Amarillo district believes the current rating system is inaccurate.  Amarillo Cluster Director Dr. Gary Angell says, "if you're a student and you get 4 A's and a C, the C is what counts in the rating, so it's very misleading."  Dr. Angell says he does not know yet which Amarillo I.S.D. schools will be affected by the formula

School ratings will be released at the end of this month.