Amarillo City Commission puts credit card charges back on hotels

Larry Lemmons
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - City taxpayers will be saving some money thanks to a vote by the Amarillo City Commission today.

In a unanimous decision the commission votes to assess a convenience fee for the payment of hotel/motel tax payments by credit card.

Every month motels and hotels pay their motel/hotel tax to the city.  Apparently payment by credit card is increasing.  Of course, the credit card companies charge a two-percent fee.

The city has been paying the fee to the credit card company, but now they've put that fee back to the business.  Amarillo Mayor Debra McCartt says, "So this way the public won't have to incur any additional charges or the community won't. It'll go back to the hotel. And so they can pay with a check or they can pay any other way but if they choose to use a credit card they will have to pay the additional two percent that's tacked on to the city."

Savings could be substantial.  The city didn't have exact numbers today, but they say the monthly tax for a hotelier can range from $271 to $17,000.  Two-percent of those various figures multiplied by the number of motels and hotels in the city can add up.