Pickens Pulls Panhandle Wind Farm

T. Boone Pickens
T. Boone Pickens

by Jeff Todd
NewsChannel 10

Pampa, TX - The proposed world's largest wind farm outside of Pampa, is no more.

Mesa Power, LP says it will not move forward with plans to build a massive wind energy facility in Roberts and Gray Counties.

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the Pickens Plan.

A public campaign meant to push wind energy in America, and financed by former Amarillo oilman T. Boone Pickens.

It was a plan he believed in because in late may of last year Pickens told Newschannel 10,

"I said we're going to make Pampa the wind capital of the world and I truly believe that will be the case."

That was May 27, 2008.

Today Pickens says he's going forward with a plan to build five or six smaller wind farms throughout the midwest, and does not guarantee one of them will be anywhere in Texas.

Many industry professionals are speculating that Pickens has pulled his wind farm from the region because he wasn't going to be able to transmit the power.

If you'll remember Pickens attempted to build his own transmission line and under ground water system to deliver power and water to the Dallas Metroplex.

Today he said he didn't move forward with that because of technical problems.

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