Xcel Energy announces new efficiency programs in New Mexico

ROSWELL - Xcel Energy announced today a series of energy efficiency programs in New Mexico. The programs are designed to help business and residential customers operate more efficiently to save energy and money.

The programs were launched under Xcel Energy's Demand-Side Management (DSM) efforts as part of an ongoing commitment to reducing electricity demand. The company will spend $5 million on launching and growing participation in these business and residential programs. The goal is to gather more than 23,000 participants and save over 22 million kilowatt-hours of electricity. That's enough to power roughly 3,000 homes for a year.

The various business programs offer rebate dollars for high efficiency equipment that the customer buys and installs, including cooling systems, lighting systems, motors and other equipment.

The Refrigerator Recycling program is new for residential customers. It provides a $35 cash incentive for removal of inefficient, secondary refrigerators. Qualified customers can contact Xcel Energy for pick-up, transportation, disposal and proper recycling.

"Xcel Energy has launched one of the most aggressive energy efficiency programs in the nation, and we will continue to bring innovative offerings to our New Mexico customers," said Denzil Dunn, Xcel Energy account manager. "Investment in energy efficiency is a great way to improve a company's bottom line and reduce its carbon footprint as well."

Included in the offerings this month for business customers:

Lighting Rebates: Lighting is often a main driver of electricity use, accounting for up to 44 percent of monthly energy bills. This program helps customers reduce their lighting expense by installing energy-efficient lighting or limiting lights to where and when they're needed. Rebates are available to existing commercial buildings of any size and all newly constructed buildings.

Cooling Rebates: Cooling is the No. 2 user of electricity for most commercial buildings. The Cooling Efficiency program helps those replacing an entire system or specific components. The list of qualifying equipment includes the following components of a heating and cooling system for new construction or existing buildings: rooftop units, condensing units, split systems, chillers, variable air volume boxes, packaged terminal air conditioners and water source heat pumps.

Motors Rebates:  Up to 98 percent of the cost of motor-driven equipment is spent on energy over the course of the motor's lifetime while only 2 percent is spent on the motor itself. Xcel Energy offers prescriptive rebates for 1-500 horsepower NEMA (National Electric Manufacturers Association) Premium Motors, and Variable Frequency/Adjustable Speed Drives on fans and pumps from 1-200 horsepower.

Custom Rebates: The Custom Efficiency program offers money back for energy-efficiency investments that exceed standard options, but aren't covered under the standard programs. The more energy saved, the more rebate dollars earned.

One other program, Small Business Lighting rebates, will be available in coming months. This offering is tailored toward small businesses with less than 400 kilowatt-hours of electricity demand. Small businesses get a free lighting audit, expert energy advice and substantial lighting equipment rebates that are up to 50 percent higher than the Lighting Rebate program.

For more information on Xcel Energy's DSM programs, go to

. Select "New Mexico" for the state site you wish to visit, then select "Programs and Resources" on the drop down menu under "Residential" or "Business." On the left column, click on the specific program you wish to explore.