Tom Schieffer for Texas Governor

Tom Schieffer
Tom Schieffer

by Tina Berasley

Amarillo, TX - A democratic candidate for Texas Governor is already making his rounds more than a year ahead of the state election.

More than 75 people showed up at a reception for Tom Schieffer on Wednesday, eager to hear his ideas for reforming the Lone Star state.

If he is elected, one of Schieffer's priorities would be developing alternative energy in Texas, especially wind energy.

He believes we can find a healthy balance between the oil and gas industries we're known for and the new greener methods, if we're responsible.

Schieffer said there's a lot of technology needed to upgrade our grid system. He added it does us no good if we develop energy that destroys the environment, that it will only create another problem. He sees it as 2 sides of the same coin.

21 percent of people in Potter County are without health care, just under the state average of 25 percent.

Schieffer says federal funding would help taxpayers avoid covering those medical costs, if the state approached health care in a different way.

He said "Kids that see a doctor on a regular basis are getting things like inhalers and diabetes medications that will keep them out of the emergency rooms. What happens right now is they don't see a doctor and wind up in an emergency room. To me that's very inefficient way to do it and its just flat wrong".

Schieffer also expressed how happy he is to be here in Amarillo. He says the panhandle must first be order for Texas to be successful.