Local Reaction Mixed On Climate Bill

Local farmers and consumers beware, some say.  Others are responding to the climate bill by saying there are some benefits to the landmark legislation.

Our local congressman Mac Thornberry and agriculture experts are predicting billions of dollars in losses to farmers and thousands of jobs taken from consumers as a result of the cap and trade bill while others say it will lower energy costs.

Passed by a narrow margin in the house late last Friday, the 1,200 climate bill's main goal is to curb greenhouse gas emissions by putting a price on them.  Texas Cattle Feeders Association Director of Government Relations Josh Winebarger says it will increase the cost of everything farmers and ranchers use because of the "major effects on fuel costs, fertilizer, other chemicals used for crops, electricity rates will go up for us and consumers themselves."

Amid the controversy surrounding the climate bill, one local farmer we spoke with calls it fear mongering among those in Congress and even says local farmers may benefit from the bill.

David Creavinger says "we wanted agriculture to be part of the cap and trade system because that lowers the cost of the climate bill by as much as 150%."

Creavinger says keeping agriculture involved in the bill would lower the cost of it as a whole.  He says he still has a lot of concerns with the bill, though, and wants to make sure agriculture is part of the green process, not the pollution problem.

The bill sits in the Senate right now.  There will be a debate and most likely some changes.