City turns out for Commission meeting

Amarillo, Texas

by Larry Lemmons

A larger than normal crowd packed the Amarillo City Commission meeting Tuesday.  This is the first time the Commission has met at 6pm to allow more citizen attendance and participation.  Information was offered to visitors prior to the meeting.

Mayor Debra McCartt says, "We want to be responsive to the community. We want to be inclusive. We want everyone to feel they're a part of this community and they help us to form the policy for the community in which they live."

Judging by the attendance in the chamber, there were many more people than usually attend, although it was uncertain who was directly connected to the city or the police officers in attendance who were receiving a best practices award.

In terms of business, the city approved the ordinance that cleared the way for the Redstone development to proceed south of Hollywood.

Also, a 90-day moratorium on signage in the city was passed until the city can develop new ordinances. A committee will be appointed next week that will be tasked to come up with a more specific ordinance.

Amarillo City Commissioner Jim Simms says, "It's going to give us an opportunity to put a committee together to study our weak, weak, sign ordinance that we currently have."

And the city voted to make roads around San Jacinto park one-way, pleasing many in attendance.  Many who attended were thrilled, like Joann Sizemore who lives around the park. "We were so happy. We are just thrilled to death because it passed and we lived there for forty years. and it's never been this bad before, so we are just extremely happy."

Mayor McCartt wanted to emphasize the meeting time change."If you didn't know about it this month remember it's the last Tuesday of every month. And we'll be holding these meetings at 6 o'clock."